The Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research (LIBR)

The general direction of LIBR is to develop programs of applied and operational research geared toward developing technology for the control of diseases prevalent in Liberia; to assist in providing community health services; to develop the capability for providing specialized diagnostic services; to train individuals in priority research procedures and techniques; and offering opportunities to Liberian University and medical college students for advancement in molecular biology diagnostic techniques and the field of endemic tropical diseases in Liberia and clinical research methodologies.

As Director I am responsible for providing scientific leadership to promote interchange and collaboration between LIBR scientists, Liberian scientists from other institutions, as well as, investigators from other Institutions in West Africa, the USA, Europe and elsewhere. These goals are facilitated by the organization of:

  1. Annual meetings of all LIBR investigators and interested persons. These meetings which are held at the Institute and allow presentation of detailed research reports by investigators or groups. The LIBR Scientific Council, collaborating Liberian and overseas investigators and WHO are invited to these meetings.

  2. Quarterly meetings of LIBR staff for Research-In-Progress presentations from hospitals and findings from health related projects, especially health services in the country.

The intent of this direction is for the LIBR to progressively be staffed by Liberian scientists with scientists from external entities playing a supportive and collaborative role. Due to attrition of the trained staff of the Institute as a direct result of the Liberian civil conflict, we are in a period of rapid capacity building and training with AZ-103 exam dumps. Collaboration and acceleration of the development of new tools for handling health problems in Liberia are always encouraged at LIBR.

I thank you for your interest in the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research.

Fatorma K. Bolay, PhD
Director, LIBR 

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